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Del. Rasoul says raising the purchase age to 21 is a first step.

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — A new state budget awaiting approval by Gov. Glenn Youngkin places regulations on products with THC.

Lawmakers on both sides say the packaging of these products caters to children. So, they included in the recently passed state budget a proposal to increase the minimum age of purchase to 21.

Sen. Mark Peake, R-Lynchburg, said he fully supports the bill, stating there are THC side effects.

“These products, even though it's delta-8, they still have psychoactive side effects and could be a problem, especially for youth. And especially with the packaging, the way it was directed at younger, younger people,” Peake said.

Del. Sam Rasoul, D-Roanoke, says while this is the first step, he actually believes there should be more regulations.

“There's some language in here that says that you cannot have certain packaging. But, it could have gone further to say, well, what actually is sold in the package needs to be further regulated," Rasoul said.

The packaging will have labeling stating that it cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 21, and will include a list of ingredients and the amount of THC.

But local company owners are worried this could have a negative effect on them.

Mike Troxel started Old Virginia Hemp Company and says he's worried this will hurt small local companies and benefit out-of-state businesses.

Products containing THC can easily be ordered on sites like Amazon, where it's legal to buy under the age of 21.

“You're taking something that has no federal age restrictions, and you're telling adults of legal voting age that they can't go buy it in just the State of Virginia," Troxel said.

Troxel questions how the regulations will be enforced.

“How are they going to enforce this? Like they can't open everyone's mail? Like people can literally go hop on Amazon, buy stuff online from another state and have it shipped in,” Troxel said.


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