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Delegate Sam Rasoul Raised Over $650K in 2020

Rasoul Seeks to be First Statewide Funded Entirely by Individuals with over 1,400 Individual Donors

ROANOKE - Del. Sam Rasoul announced Friday that his campaign for Lieutenant Governor raised over $650,000 in the fundraising period that ended on December 31st. His campaign is relying entirely on individual donors and forgoing contributions from PACs, corporations, and special interest groups.

When I made the decision to refuse cash from political action committees and industry interest groups, several people told me I would be putting our campaign at a disadvantage.” Rasoul said. “Fundraising this way is certainly more difficult, but I believe it’s the right thing to do. Our results show that lots of people agree.

Rasoul launched his campaign for Lt. Governor on November 10, and managed to raise a significant amount of money in less than two months. One hundred percent of contributions to Rasoul’s campaign came from over 1,400 individual donors. With a majority of donors from the commonwealth, it’s clear Rasoul’s campaign is gaining grassroots support as it grows.

Other recent successes for the campaign included earning endorsements from Senator John Bell, Senator Ghazala Hashmi, Delegate Lashrecse Aird, and Delegate Ibraheem Samirah and decisively winning the Hunter Mill Democratic Committee virtual straw poll with 45% of the vote. These accomplishments are widely considered to be a sign of the organizational strength of a campaign across the state.


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