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Rasoul Announces COVID Recovery Plan With Public Option Proposal, Support For Small Businesses

ROANOKE - On Thursday, Virginia candidate for lieutenant governor Del. Sam Rasoul (D-11) announced a plan to bring Virginia back from the COVID pandemic stronger than ever by lowering health care costs and increasing access, investing in Virginia caregivers and families, and leveling the playing field for small businesses.

The plan builds on Rasoul’s ten years of experience in health care management, as a small business owner, and as Vice-Chair of the Committee on Health, Welfare, and Institutions.

The announcement also follows the passage of two health care bills Rasoul introduced in this year’s General Assembly session to increase vaccine capacity and lower barriers to health care access.

Rasoul’s plan includes:

  • A statewide public option for health care

  • The creation of a Drug Price Affordability Board

  • Waiving unpaid utility bills for the unemployed and caregivers who can’t work

  • A Marshall Plan for Moms that includes child care for all and paid family and medical leave for every worker

  • A new tax rebate for small businesses up to $25,000 and increased Rebuild VA grant funding

  • Updated reporting requirements for large, multistate corporations

Read the full plan on Rasoul’s website.

“After a tragic year, we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. But ending the pandemic is only step one—we must also correct the inequities in our economy and health care system that were exposed in the last year,” Rasoul said. “We have to end the injustice of tying health care to employment and implement a public option. We have to listen to the data and pass a Marshall Plan for Moms that supports caregivers and families. And we need to rescue our small businesses to level the playing field with large corporations who too often bend the rules in their favor.”

Watch the video on Rasoul’s experience fighting to expand health care in Virginia.

Rasoul also announced endorsements from health care professionals around the Commonwealth, in areas rural, suburban and urban.

Dr. Mark Downey, Pediatrician and HD-96 Democratic nominee, Williamsburg

“Our Commonwealth needs experienced leaders like Del. Sam Rasoul to lead us out of the pandemic and create health care solutions that lift up all Virginians. For too long, we’ve seen disparities in access to health care among our most vulnerable communities. I trust Del. Rasoul to address these inequities and deliver results that will make Virginians healthier.”

Kellen Squire, Registered Nurse, Barboursville

“We’ve had a critical provider shortage in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia, but it’s particularly poignant here in rural Virginia. And that’s one reason I’m supporting Sam Rasoul—because he gets that. He understands the unique challenges we’re facing and he’ll work tirelessly to make sure they get fixed.”

Dr. Julia Biggins, Epidemiologist, Manassas

“Once again Sam Rasoul proves that he will be a Lt. Governor for ALL Virginians. Throughout his tenure as Delegate, Sam has made a commitment to addressing the issue of health care equity across Virginia. In particular, as health care is a priority for Virginians during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam’s recent bill to expand access to all vaccines and his budget amendment to build the health care workforce in rural Virginia removes the barriers that prevent equal access to health care. These are the kinds of forward-thinking ideas to increase equity in health care that we need in the Lieutenant Governor’s office.”

Major Deborah Saunders, Retired Army Nurse, Roanoke

“Our health care workers are on the frontline. As a nurse myself, I know we’re not just now becoming essential workers. We’ve always been essential workers. One thing last year showed us is we need strong people in office, we need strong people in Virginia. We want someone who will fight for us. We want Sam Rasoul.”


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