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Rasoul for Lt. Governor Assists Over 1,000 Virginians In 2021 Through Democratic Promise Program

ROANOKE - On Friday, Del. Sam Rasoul’s campaign for Virginia Lieutenant Governor announced it has assisted over 1,000 Virginians through the Democratic Promise program in 2021.

Rasoul's campaign staff and volunteers reach out over text and phone calls to ask whether Virginians on the other end need assistance with government services such as unemployment benefits, the DMV, housing assistance, or other social services. If respondents ask for help, they are connected to staff who assist with their case.

Rasoul founded the program in 2017 through his House of Delegates office. Samantha Litchford, Rasoul's legislative assistant and deputy field director, has managed incoming cases since joining the office in November.

"So many Virginians, from Norton to Virginia Beach, have been experiencing tremendous hardship during this pandemic," said Litchford. "Virginians are thankful, relieved, and encouraged to know that someone is in their court, willing to fight for them."

While visiting small businesses in Waynesboro on April 28, owner Stacey Strawn told Sam that her cousin was helped by his office while facing eviction. Watch the video.

"My cousin was about to be evicted illegally, and I wrote to you. I got a response," Strawn told Rasoul. "Something happened, and I firmly believe it's because your office got somebody's attention."


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